26 November 2009
i ve' got busy in this recently because of spm,
another,i'm still busy in online.
i just left 4 subject which is bio,phy,chem and bc.
hmm i think i ve' relax right now.

first day was for bm,
it's not harder for me at the time,i think laa
i lost 15 marks in the format report.is 15 marks!only the format ok!!!
it ensure can't get A but...asehh...
for the est,
it is suck hard for me.
why should be like that?i even don't understand the hardest word
but in essay i think is ok.
coz i have many idea about friction. :)
damn,maths and moral always insufficient time to do.
just pray it get best result for both of this subject.

and continue for other subjects...

for these december,i have a major holiday which is important for me
that is Christmas!!!
i think this holiday should be all of yours a impress day
with your beloved,family, and somemore else.
but,i having celebrate with my beloved friends.

when i remember last 2 years of the christmas day
i recalled that i got alot hurt during the year.
i love someone who had hurt me.
did you remember guy?
yea right girl,i really got much sad what you told me before
start from this year,you will not be influence me.
girl,please don't do the stupid thing to me.

i'm not fool anymore !!

back to the pleasant thing,
and now i expect for the Christmas Time's coming
woohooo !!!!!!!
only left more 28 days , 9hours , 57 minutes , and 36 seconds
my laptop is counting down for me.

i'm gonna decorate christmas parts soon.
and i expect how the decoration of the christmas in shopping centre
Pavilion is already decorate in front of entrance,
look how beautiful of the xmas trees.i like it!

wanna cam alot at there.
hehe :)

for this year,i suppose to celebrate at The Curve
there's alot of crowd and we can celebrate together
with difference religious and which are not recognise to each others.
i like it. :D

i want design my blog layout as christmas but i dont know how to read in html
who can help?asehh...do for myself laa
try and try again..!


can't waiting for the day coming !